Friday, February 29, 2008

Last day with paintings up

On our last day with painting up, it looks like rain, and the temperature is just above freezing. This morning I finally got a photo of Jessie, our Dear Chicago poet.

Dear Chicago,

They said rain was the source
of your wisdom. A hill not here.
when the drip becomes dots
the day will finally close.


a sea not here

And here we are, on our last day with paintings up, at the breakfast meeting.

“I’m ready for it to be over,” Ari said.” And then we told our stories to each other, about our adventures - and tortures, and everything in between. It wasn't a comprehensive conversation, as we are missing so many who participated. But we had a few laughs. And then they went off to put more new pieces on the ever changing painting.

When Gord returned for lunch he said, "There's quite a few people out there today, and they're all just as amazed as ever."

Tonight we’re going to have a Leaving Ceremony at the wall at 6 o’clock and you’re invited to come say a few words about what the wall meant to you, mutter a blessing -- something for Chicago after Paintings Below Zero on Chase Promenade.

Yesterday we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum, a stunning white structure on the lake, designed by Santiago Calatrava, with ‘wings’ which open and shut.

On the freeway, I captured that large billboard as we drove by. This is the one we saw in the taxi on December 15th, on our way into Chicago to begin the project.

Colleen Duke, Cultural Affairs Officer at the Canadian Consulate, drove us.

It was great to get out of the city for an ART excursion, and to see such fine design.

Then, we had a dinner date with Jody Oshita-Bajor at 96 floors up at the John Hancock building in the Signature room, that famous tall landmark on the Chicago skyline. She hosted us at dinner: Here we are after an absolutely fantastic meal and conversation about art, architecture and politics!

Here's Peter Bajor, Jody, Katherine Bajor, me, Mark Sexton, and Gord. Thank you, Jody!

When we got back, Trevor, who works the front desk at Hard Rock Hotel, told us that it was his last day.

Trevor is going onto San Diego, a new frontier for him, in his young life. He was fantastic during our stay - as were so many at the Hard Rock. Good luck, Trevor!

Photo credits: Caitlin Hicks, Matt Hotz

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