Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend on Chase Promenade

This weekend, it was all about public art.

Thousands of people came through Chase Promenade, hour after hour, curious and animated, looking, questioning, pointing and chatting about the thing they'd come to see: The Popsicle.

The crew was out in force, like an assembly line, doing all the things they do to keep the colors visible: torching, scraping, planing and watering, hauling out new pieces and gluing them to the surface.

Here's Julie McKay, her sisters and mother.

They hail from: Detroit, Grand Rapids and Trevor City, Michigan, as well as Jacksonville, Florida. They read about The Popsicle in a travel section, and decided to make Chicago their destination for their annual family get-together.

The cameras were out in force, here's a smattering I got in five minutes.

My own camera failed me - running out of batteries.

so I asked around: could someone take a photo for me?

It was like fishing for Salmon during the fall spawn going upstream.

I stumbled onto a photo club!

Mark Rodda was kind enough to get these for me, and it just demonstrate that our diversity is our strength.

A friend of the Van de Voorde's in Virginia said hello to Gord while I was back at the room getting my replacement batteries, which also failed ...

So I got this photo from Katie Ardner.

Here's Alberta & Jake Thomas who, after viewing the wall, quoted Deepak Chopra, something like: "without passion, there is no spirituality" ... then went onto link the passionate paintings with a spiritual experience.

On Saturday night The Canadian Consulate hosted a reception at the Chicago Cultural Center. Jim Kvedaras from presenting sponsor CN was there with his daughter -- and lots of fans.

Here's the crew with pals from Millennium Park. It was Jaz's last night in Chicago.

Later today: Through the eyes of other photographers on site during the weekend! Lecture at Cassidy Theatre; Jaz departs for the west coast.

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