Sunday, February 17, 2008

President's Day Weekend at The Popsicle

Here's Ravin, my (sometimes) squash partner.

Above: Matt, Gord and Jessica, a very helpful docent, who is going to send me her photos. Below: Julia, my second cousin, and her husband, Val. They made a special trip here from West Lafayette, Indiana, just to see Paintings Below Zero, and stayed two days. We saw the Impressionist exhibit (2nd only to the Louvre) at the Art Institute.

The pile of ice on the right was made by a little artist, who left a note.

Friday night we toured the painting with our hosts the Honourable Georges Rioux, Consul General of Canada, Jack & Rosemary Fortnum and Gary & Nancy Houser.

Jack treated us to dinner at the official residence of the Consul General of Canada. This was the auction item from Canada at the Consular Ball - dinner for four - with Paintings Below Zero artist, his wife (me!) and the Consul General (Georges Rioux) and his wife, Sharon Grey.

We did, indeed, have fun. Cuisine was excellent & Sharon, the rabble rouser.

Ari and Tim's parents came to town from western Canada: Chuck and Dacia from Victoria and Cheryl and Mick from The Sunshine Coast. Saturday night, we only waited a half hour for a table for eight at Mambo Grill. Tim's mother brought a copy of the front page of the Coast Reporter the full color story "Halloran's ice wall set to fire up Chicago".

Above photo was taken by Tim's choice volunteer -- she missed a couple of us. It was great to relax and be able to finally call our two core crew workers - 'the kids'.

We were all just missing Jaz.

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