Friday, February 22, 2008

"It's like candy. You want to break off a piece and snack on it." - Audi Chenoweth

An intimate still life ~ by Jim Donegan

background & foreground
Colored Ice fused and smooth
yellows and reds
mid field
Chipped/ Jagged, hard- edged
yellows and reds

raspberry juices dripping
the spaces between

leading eye along a line
the sun caught

to black gap beneath

Thanks to artist Gordon Halloran for Painting Below Zero

Dear Caitlin,

I just wanted to tell you that I was downtown on Saturday and took a friend to see "Paintings Below Zero."IT WAS AMAZING! It's too bad Chicagoans don't go outside in winter. ha!

There must have been people 30 deep on each side-the sun was out - the piece was melting -people were snapping pictures like crazy… it couldn't have been cooler, or as Gordon says "colder!" I was hoping to bump into one of you… I just hope you got a chance to witness the crowds yourselves. - Pam Grimes, WGN-TV

“The wall looks great, evolving through all these weird weather patterns. Just as Gord predicted, Mother Nature is having lots of fun playing with his art." -Nancy Cottingham Powell

My sister, Bernadette wrote me today to say "emily has left a new comment on your post "58,000 visitors to Paintings Below Zero":

What a neat exhibit and a great blog! I wanted to let you know that we featured the exhibit and linked to your blog on Intelligent Travel:

On Wednesday, Evening Associates of The Art Institute of Chicago hosted us at lunch in the Garden restaurant, a preparation for Thursday's event, co-hosted with the Canadian Consulate. (

Here they are: Glenn Eden, Gord, Ann Rosen, (Trade Commmissioner for the Government of Canada). Other side: Bonnie Goldsborough, Audi Chenoweth, Tara Anbudalyan and Colleen Duke.

Thursday evening, we all gathered for a slide show and talk with the artist about the work. Colleen and I put together a slide show with images from Italy and Toronto as well as Millennium Park.

And the question was:

When the snow melts, I feel sad. How do you deal with the sense of loss?

There is no way to escape the lapse," he started, "it's part of the process. The experience of being in Chicago and sharing the work, it’s going to come to an end, there’s no running from it. It’s part of the sequence of life. When the paintings go through their transformation, I ask myself, ‘how did it(the color) fade away?’ and ‘how do I add something to the experience?’ It makes it very rich."

Subject: Chagall mosaic at Chase Plaza

Good morning!

Lynn (one of our docents last night) compared PBZ to the above mentioned mural. I don't think you two have seen it. Chase Plaza is located at 10 South Dearborn. The mosaic is outside. For a photo, go to

Later, Colleen

Then, my sister Therese sent me an art photo: the home made belt I sent her for Christmas with scarf - from Italy?

Photo credits today: Julia Chester, Colleen Duke, Patrick Pyszka, Caitlin Hicks

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