Monday, February 11, 2008

Artist, audience & The Popsicle

Early Sunday morning, Jaz took a plane back to the west coast. The weather turned very very cold (2 degrees f), but there were still lots of people at The Popsicle. (Mark Rodda photo below).

And, it didn't stop them from filling Cassidy Theatre at The Cultural Center where Gord gave a talk about the installation. I took notes on a napkin.

Someone asked: "What has surprised you?" and Gord said,"There is no way you can dominate the work, you must have empathy with the process . . .

to watch and watch . . and midwife the work.

"To be out there yesterday, to be present as thousands of people responded to the work was fantastic,

the dazzling quality of some of the pieces as they go through their transformation." (Gary Sinclair photo below)

Usually, artists have openings and they don't get the chance to see people interact with their work.

Here .... what a bonus to hear them, to answer their questions. (K Ardner photo above)

At the end of the day, I received a comment posted on the blog, which I will re-print here: (Lois Roelofs photo above, Colleen Duke, below)


Today I was a volunteer tour guide and expected almost no one to be out, given the sub zero temps and the far below zero wind chills. Was I wrong!

There were many enthusiastic people, and I enjoyed sharing what I know about the exhibit with them and discovering anew the beauty in the ice.

Mostly I want to say how much I have come to love the Museum of Modern Ice. I work directly across the street, so I have been able to watch it from the installation forward. I monitor its changes the way I would those of a growing child.

Every time I look, I see more. I feel not only engaged by the ice, I am beginning to feel a bit possessive of it.

Not in a way that I don't want to share it, just in a way that it belongs to me, that I will take the ice with me long after the season has gone. I think I am beginning to prosectively mourn its departure.

Thank you, Mr. Halloran and crew. I have a new appreciation for public art, the beauty of ice and the way this beauty has brought people together.

M. Jackson

Here's Eva Silverman, who has been working very hard coordinating so many events for Musuem of Modern Ice. Today, she introduced Gord to the crowd at Cassidy Theater.

We had supper with Rebeca and Michael Orlove at uncommonground, a community restaurant with fabulous artwork on the walls, a cabaret and wonderful hosts, Michael and Helen! Surprise, surprise!Todd from Hard Rock Hotel (the definition of cool) was there with a friend who owns Jane, another restaurant!

Tomorrow: Pre-dawn interview for CBS-TV. The newest opera: Ainadamar. THANK YOU to all photographers who contributed to today and yesterday's blog! Keep those photos coming!

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