Thursday, February 7, 2008

The windy city: slush, sleet & rain

The Caution Falling Ice sign came to life today as I was underfoot when pelted by slushy snow on the way to Intelligentsia. We all scurried, our heads bowed.

This morning, over coffee, we were assaulted by psuedo songs in one key -- loud. The weather is no better. Sleet, snow, rain. Wet & windy. Above freezing. Happily, today was cooler. You can see how the paintings have changed. Our crew is skeleton, but we're back at work.

The word from Colleen Duke: My camera is back at the office as I am planning on periodic photo safaris until the wall is a colorful little puddle on the ground.

This one looks like we’ve landed on the moon.

Here’s Tim, torching past the frost.

Gord threatened to go back to The Fulton today to do more pours. The lacework and color is still quite amazing to see. Jaz took most of these photos.

People are stopping by the wall all day to ask questions, to thank Gord for bringing this colorful, unusual artwork to Chicago. It's not even the weekend - where are they all coming from? It's hard to get the work done with all the questions, but I think the ambassador in him enjoys posing for photos with everyone, or in this case, taking the photographs for them.

Meanwhile, people have been good to us, and we’ve gotten some sleep, so as to be able to appreciate it. Invited to dinner by Peggy Parfenoff of the International Visitor's Center of Chicago, at her in-laws.

Hosted by Michael & Marilyn, we had a lively supper in their playful, colorful, whimsical home, designed by son Eric. Peggy is one of the coordinators of the Consular Ball, a princess in black. She helped me find my dress!

Art Sutherland sent an enormous basket from Bin 36, congratulating us on our achievement. On Feb lst he was stranded in the Cascade mountains of Washington state in this cozy photo.

Noreen Ahmed Ullah had lunch with us today. Great discussions about Islam, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Meghan Muholland sent us a copy of Spirit (Southwest Airlines in flight magazine), where an article she wrote about Paintings Below Zero appeared this month.

Here’s Gord with Spirit Magazine photographer Phillip Chin, just outside Gord’s studio back in early December. The painting between them is part of Gord's Hung Jury series)

We’re still hearing from fans.

I live in Chicago and last Sunday walked to Millennium Park to see the Paintings Below Zero exhibit. Thought you might enjoy looking at your work as seen through my camera lens on a cold and foggy day. I think this and the ice skating rink are just spectacular! Thanks for doing this in Chicago.Tom Barrat

Paulie said...

"seeing these pics (and i am not an art lover by no means) makes me want to go and see this work of art live and tell all who are like me that there is no shame into liking this"

Tomorrow is the Consular Ball!

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