Monday, March 3, 2008

Goodbye, Chicago

Today I counted four gloves, on separate sidewalks, abandoned for spring. We spent the day packing and leave tomorrow for Minneapolis. On Wednesday, the west coast. The wall is down, and I don't want to glance at its destruction, or note its absence on the promenade.

On Friday, our Dear Chicago poet Jessie (from Intelligentsia) read us a poem as we gathered with our candles. From the City of Chicago, Jason Moy had come to say goodbye. He has been wonderful.

Neil Spears was there, and friends, many friends we've made during our two and a half month stay. Jake & Alberta were there with a poem and a card.

Greetings, Gordon, Caitlin, Sons and all PBZ Ice Wall connection. Thank you from the heart and soul of Chicago. This poem, "A fire for you" is dedicated to all. Eternal, Jake & Alberta

Lois Roelf's husband spoke on behalf of the people of Chicago, and Tim gave a stirring speech.

We were just making it up, on the spot, like they do at wakes. How it touched us, how we loved it, how we will miss the colors and the crowds on the promenade.

We hugged each other, as much in celebration as clinging to our connection, forged in ice. Spring was in the air as the light drained from the sky.

Although only a month on display, I couldn't imagine Chicago without it: the wall, the ice, the colors, just so.

Photo credits: Colleen Duke, Caitlin Hicks, Patrick Pyszka

Next: Last words, new friends, a squash tourney, a reading, a reception, Aldo -- and many thanks.

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