Saturday, February 23, 2008

Romance, fun & beauty

David Kay and Metro Squash were all over it today with their leaders: Max Laverty, Paul Cussen, Christine Bonkamp and all the kids. Later, we got a note: Caitlin, thanks again for the presentation. Fantastic exhibit, the kids had a great time. Paul Cussen, Metro Squash.

Blue jackets out on the back wall, installing in the sunshine. Crowds, thick with curiosity, on all sides.

So many fans, gathering round, how could anyone possibly count this many people?

New paintings went up, as another sea of Saturday strollers filled the promenade.

What an adventure for everyone, to work, to see the work being done. To explain to the children. To feel the sun, to watch the color migrate to the edge into lace.

To be in family.

This family came from Port Huron, Michigan, just to see Paintings Below Zero, the wall.

Here's Mel Jones and Susan Morrow, who, it turns out, work with Amit.

Photo credits for Saturday: Caitlin Hicks, Matt Hotz, Jessica Levin.

Next: A story, 32 years old, resurfaces in a chance meeting in Chicago. Our last Sunday at Millennium Park! Have you been blogged?

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