Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Storm Watch at The Bean

Waiting for the cold wind to blow in this “very Vancouver” weather.

It’s 46 degrees and cloudy, with a winter storm warning for 3 pm this afternoon.

We’re probably the only people in Chicago who want the temperature to dip.

Yesterday the winds rocked the Hard Rock Hotel, I could hear and feel their strong gusts shaking the building.

When I looked outside: it was unbelievable that snow had morphed into rain so quickly. This morning the ice shards in the river had disappeared. The streets are wet, instead of white.

At the ice rink it was so balmy, the crew worked in sweatshirts, no scarves.

Here's an NPR reporter, collecting sounds as we begin the yellow paintings on the rink. You can just see how warm it is. The ice is wet; we wait for it to freeze.

At 3PM, we’re expecting visitors to review the artwork-in-progress. The crew opens the tarps as rain hails down on us.

We’ve had a day and a half delay in the installation of the paintings because of the weather, and frost has built up on the outside of the work.

But it’s all about the here and now, the icebergs crashing into the sea, the strange, inclement weather which is global warming and the difference of one degree.

So we’re going with it, and we’ll see which way the wind blows.

Our original meeting place for Docent training outside at The Wall was switched to indoors due to storm warning. That's wind filling the sails of the orange tarp.

The crew is rested with a few days of warm weather -- and now we’ll be doing some very late nights into the darkness, just to get this baby done! Patrick Pyszka took a bunch of these photos.

Here are my favorite moments from today:

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