Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blizzard descends on The Popsicle

About 6 PM, it finally hit.

With temperatures quickly dropping to -14 celsius, we were back in business. Jaz called, wondering if I would brave the blizzard? The storm was beautiful and the paintings were coming together.

The winds were so strong, gromits in the tarps ripped out. That's River on the lift. Here's Tim, strapping down tarps at 10PM.

Everyone moved quickly, as a team. The paintings were radiant against the white.

Everyone was going to take a break, but it was much later than anyone realized. Standing on the street corner waiting for the light to change, Gord decided to call it off. Enough had been accomplished, and sometimes it's wise to know when nature has the upper hand. Tomorrow, at 7 am.

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