Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adrenalin rush

The negative ions are out in full force today with such brilliant sunshine and minus sixteen degree temperature. Glorious, glorious, glorious.

Today, we’re running on adrenalin; everyone’s got lots of energy.

We can see the finish ahead and we’re still in the lead.

At lunch today, River was floating on last night’s blizzard: “That was intensely exciting, “ he enthused, “extreme art”.

Ari, who has been upgraded from being in charge of The Gulag to overseeing details of the rink paintings (with Matt and Katherine) said of the moment when Gord left him to tip the bucket over that huge white surface -

“That moment was like getting the keys to Dad’s car. I’m glad I got good at pouring.”

We’re all buoyed by the weather.

“I was concerned yesterday, when I saw the melty, drippy mess,” Ari said of the moment our visitors chose to view the paintings, “but when we cleaned it up today, it looked great.”

Gord is never anywhere for long enough to get a photo. Today he charged from the rink to the wall, disappearing like Zorro.

Even Patrick Pyszka agreed - you point to shoot and by the time you click, his back is turned or his arms are down, or he’s out of the shot. Here's one I got:

Jaz under the tarp.

Katie considering a green slab.

The press arrived today for the rink painting.

Valentine presided, dressed in that classic red coat and black hat, with her daughter Phoebe escorting. Here’s the contingent from City of Chicago in that brilliant sunshine watching the rink painting and the television cameras.

Usually I walk the block between Randolph and the park down the long corridors of the City of Chicago Cultural Center - it’s warmer than taking the street - and I’ve seen some fine art on the walls of the art gallery there.Today I opened the doors and was greeted with the most beautiful sound: Martha Councell on Flute and Richard Steinbach on piano playing Bach's Sonata in G Major. A concert in progress on the 2nd floor. I had to stop and just listen.

Preparations are going full throttle at the big white tent, getting ready for tomorrow's opening.

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