Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paintings Below Zero - Install, Day 2

January 23, 2008

Snow, that magical, white stuff which makes beauty out of anything, covers the city streets today.

Everyone is out with their shovels. A first section of paintings adhering to the wall is marvelous. Once up, they tarp everything, lest the secret be spoiled.

Two crews - one at The Fulton wrapping & packing shards, one at Millennium Park. Cold gloves.

Press photos. Unwrapping reds in the midst of a yellow & orange day.

Power flickers off. Work stops. Sue Lyn Erbeck sends me a photo of the river under Michigan Avenue. "Doesn't just scream Paintings Below Zero?" she says. She snapped it on the way to the site -- looking for more for 'stuff' for the upcoming article in the Chicago Tribune. When she got there, no one was there.

At dusk, work gets going again. Art leaves tomorrow.

Here's Art, making sure the pipes, which carry glycol, are hooked up properly.

I received an iceberg via email from my brother Andrew today. They all live in California, and this is the exotic life here, with snow everyday. I could probably have a vacation on the time I spend dressing and undressing for this weather.

I bought a gown for the Consular Ball. (!!!!)

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