Saturday, December 29, 2007

Color and ice after Bhutto

Friday, December 28

Snow this morning, huge, wet flakes which melt on contact. There’s so much to ponder, little to say in the aftermath of the assassination of Pakistan’s daughter, Benazir Bhutto.

The violence we’re so capable of, silences all our best efforts: what could our lives possibly mean in the relief of that? I had been grateful, as a woman, to see the white veil on her, to hear her words: inspirational, sensible, compassionate. Spoken like a leader. A moderate, a Muslim, vocal and visible to the world. She was hope alright, in the polarized reality of Pakistan. Spoiled, in the name of God. So much shame, so many lives cut short and bloody in the name of.

Noreen Ahmed-Ullah from The Chicago Tribune visited The Fulton today, delayed by her story of the Pakistani community in the aftermath of Bhutto’s death. She had interviewed Bhutto twice before, and now stands in before us, writing for the fifth largest newspaper in the country, wanting more details about the work we’re doing.

And besides, it’s Ari’s birthday today. So we step back into this life, this artwork, this exciting project which grows more beautiful everyday.

Katie is our first intern, and here she is. Tough and capable and a catalyst, too: lively conversation thanks to her. Jokes and laughter in the cold.

And look at what they did! My camera failed me so Patrick Pyszka, Photographer for the City filled in. All these photos are his.

We heard from Erik Olson.

Hi Gordon, I just checked out the blog... it looks like things are coming along nicely. I loved seeing those huge pieces of colour leaning against the wall.

I think this is going to be your masterpiece. I can't wait to get there...

good luck,


He sent us a photo from Fenestrelle. This shows the interior of the church where the paintings were created, installed and displayed. Here they've just laid the color onto the plates in preparation for the installation of other paintings they've been creating. Paintings Below Zero was Canada's representative at the Cultural Olympiad for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin.

We had a birthday lunch, our first with Katie. There she is smiling on the left.

Then back to work for three more hours.

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Bernadette said...

I am cold in Southern California, you must be freezing in the Windy City!!!!

Hugs to all, Bernie